Dear Valued MUV Training Community,

In August 2015 we embarked on the journey of building a new concept in fitness for the northwest Portland community. We have met so many wonderful people and nurtured relationships with many in the MUV Tribe. Many of those relationships turned into employees that contributed so much to the club.
We have sustained many unforeseen bumps in the road. Those include construction delays, car break-ins, parking & location challenges amongst others. The complaints of parking availability & potential members feeling uncomfortable with security issues have been major deterrents for guests. Even through this, the wonderful people on the MUV Team stepped up to contribute so much to our company.
After financial losses of over $1 million dollars we cannot continue operations. Our current operation results in a substantial monthly deficit.
With this reality we will be closing the doors on April 30, 2017. While this is a deep disappointment we hope that the next few weeks can be a celebration of community & friends. Our wonderful employees have given so much time & energy that we hope we all can recognize their contribution.
For any questions please feel free to call 503-444-9954 and we will address your inquiries.


MUV Training Portland Downtown